Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hockney's landscapes

As he recently approached his seventies, David Hockney left Los Angeles for his native England and started painting some really large, brilliantly imagined, and wonderful landscapes of the countryside on canvas panels. The New York Times published a story about Hockney's now-ongoing project last week and it's worth a read, but be sure to check out the two accompanying multimedia features: the video, and the slideshow. And if you're in New York, you could probably do worse than to visit the exhibition at the Pace gallery.
There is some fairly harsh criticism in the article that doesn't exactly seem warranted, but I suppose the art world is subject to its strange ways.

You can view some of the paneled landscapes here, though naturally the scale is lost on your computer screen.

If I had a large sum of money, and could buy any Hockney it would be his photocollage, Pearblossom Hwy., 11 - 18th April 1986, #2.