Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weschler, again

Readers of this blog know I'm a fan of Lawrence Weschler, and because his writing appears all over the place I make a habit of searching for it periodically to see what I've missed. Here are two pieces--a conversation and a long-form piece--from 2009:

Q: Do you have another book about art under way?

A: I am going to be doing a book called "The Ones That Got Away," which will be a kind of anti-memoir of all the pieces I've meant to write but have never got around to writing, a kind of subjunctive case memoir.

That's Weschler talking to the University of California Press Blog last February.

And here's an excerpt of one of Weschler's latest pieces, "Double Vision: The Art of Trevor and Ryan Oakes," published earlier this year in the Virginia Quarterly Review:
The way other identical twins might invent a spooky secret language, the two of them became engaged in a long-term conversation, a continuous tandem investigation into the very fundaments of visual perception. “On long drives,” Trevor recalls, “we used to talk about the way a bug splattered on the windshield would appear to double if you looked out beyond it, and what then happened when you tilted your head from side to side.” How old were they when they were doing this? “Oh,” surmises Ryan, “three or four.” They’d dissect the foreshortening of approaching rows of telephone poles, tapping out rhythms with their fingers in syncopation with the passing poles, and they’d talk about that. They spent a lot of time analyzing their parents’ potential sightlines as they hid in a pantry or up on the garage roof behind the basketball backboard.
As usual, read the whole thing!

Here is the official site of the Oakes brothers.