Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beef: It probably doesn't cause colon cancer

I was recently arguing with someone about whether meat causes colon cancer. My antagonist was vehement in her belief that it does, and I'd read and heard as much before, but I was skeptical. I just came across an article that corroborates that skepticism: 
"Compared to those eating meat, vegetarians and vegans turned out to have an increased risk of colorectal (cancer in the colon or rectum). Risk in these people was 39 per cent higher than in meat eaters. They also compared risk of colorectal cancer in individuals classed as vegetarian (vegetarian and vegans) with non-vegetarians (eaters of meat and/or fish). Here, vegetarians had a 49 per cent increased risk of colorectal cancer."
This may not be conclusive, but at the very least, there's a reasonable argument to be made against those who smugly affix "Beef: It's what gives you colon cancer" stickers to their cars.


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