Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interview of the day: Erwan Le Corre

Chris of Conditioning Research interviewed Erwan Le Corre recently. Here's an excerpt:

What implications does your particular philosophy have in terms of diet? Sleep? Posture?

Evolutionary biology but also experience makes it clear we should go for a diet that is as close as possible to the one of our ancestors before the rise of civilization, agriculture, and more recently industrially processed food. Mostly raw, made of lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and containing no grains and no dairies. Recovering true, natural taste and smell and the ability to fast sometimes.

Sleeping enough, resting frequently, going to bed early, let a window open to make sure air is renewed, avoiding synthetic fabrics.

I personally like to sleep on the floor, not in a bed, not even on a real mattress. To me it's more comfortable this way, and this way I can sleep about anywhere without experiencing discomfort whenever I'm traveling.

Avoiding staying still for too long, checking body tensions frequently and relax, breathing well, slowly and deeply.

That's a few insights, though in my opinion no personal lifestyle should ever become an obsessive application of overly strict rules.


Chris said...


did you see the article on Erwan in Men's Health?

David Archer said...

Hi, Chris. I didn't see the article--thanks!

Anonymous said...

...the lad seems poorly informed about nutrition and evolution.
Our food was not it seems mainly raw thats why are guts are 40 smaller than they 'should' be for an ape of our size.

somebody said...