Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ziegler's start

A's rookie reliever Brad Ziegler has just broken a century-old record by not allowing a run in the first 27 innings of his big league career. For most of his career, Ziegler was a conventional over-hand righty before the Oakland pitching staff recommended that he try becoming a submariner:
With just days remaining before the end of the regular season, Oakland approached him with the idea of converting into a submariner. "Before I could really think it through, I was pretty upset about it," recalled Ziegler. "I just finished second in the Texas League in ERA and I'm being told that it's not good enough. But the more I thought about it and talked to the coaches and my agent, the more I realized that they weren't trying to discourage me--they were trying to find a way to get me to help the big league team."