Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue and gray and read all over

Paul Graham speculates in a recent talk that Craigslist may make more money per employee than Google. I was curious to see exactly how many people work for Craigslist, and they track these figures with this nifty table that ranks page views versus number of employees, and one company's ratio does not look like the others' (I wasn't able to find Craigslist's profits, however, though they do certainly make a lot of money):

page view rank vs number of employees

(english language page view ranking by Alexa, headcounts from Yahoo! Finance)

pages   employees  company      (subsidiary sites)
110000Yahoo! (Hotjobs, Flickr , etc)
290000TimeWarner(AOL, CNN, Netscape, etc)
310000Google (YouTube, Blogger, etc)
470000Microsoft(MSN, Hotmail, etc)
550000News Corp(Myspace, Fox, IGN, etc)
612000eBay (Paypal, Skype, etc)
9130000Disney (ESPN, Go, ABC, etc)
1012000Amazon (IMDB, A9, etc)

updated october 2006


Rob said...

Does craigslist still collect revenue only from job postings?

My name is Jeff. said...

This WSJ article from 2006 estimates that Craigslist took in $25MM in 2005.

The upshot of the article was that they could be making far more money, but money is not their primary objective.

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