Sunday, May 18, 2008

Does anyone make real shit anymore?

Kanye West asks, in his recent single Stronger, if "anyone make[s] real shit anymore." Presumably he's referring to the fakeness of crap produced by our post-industrial mass consumption economy. The simple answer is that yes, lots of people make real shit anymore, and that we should expect lots more people to make even more real shit as income grows to commission the making of real, non-mass market shit and as leisure time increases, giving individuals more time to make their own, personalized real shit. Take 37signals blogger Jamis, who took up whittling in his free time--that's some real shit, no? Or take the millions of people who knit, and grow food, or make films, and so on. 
Of course, I might have totally misinterpreted the nature of West's question--not that it means we don't still make lots of real shit anymore.