Monday, March 24, 2008

Opening pitch in Tokyo

Opening pitch will coincide with deep sleep for most Americans 6 hours from now in the Tokyo Dome. The timing is ideal if you like reading box scores and always long for a fresh supply between night and morning. I've completely exhausted the available supply for this evening, but it will be replenished by morning, so I'll count my blessings for the next two days of trans-dateline play. 
The A's are poised for a mediocre season that will, among other things, elicit fair and unfair criticism of Billy Beane and Moneyball. So it goes--the A's have won a ton of games in the last decade, second to almost no team, save the Yankees and Red Sox. I think they could win 80+ wins if a variety of standout seasons unfold in parallel, but the prudent A's fan will focus on the young glimmers of the future that we've been promised by trading elite players in the off-season. The Red Sox, meanwhile, appear well-stocked and prepared to win a lot of games by large margins. 

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