Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pseuodnyms no more at FJM

For several years Fire Joe Morgan has published some of the best--most insightful, caustic, and funniest--baseball writing anywhere, but until yesterday they only wrote under pseudonyms, like Ken Tremendous, and claimed to work for faux employers, like Fremulon Insurance. In a Tuesday post to the site, however, they reversed their stance on pseudonyms, revealing themselves as three Los Angeles TV writers--Michael Schur, Alan Yang, and Dave King--with impressive writing credits that include South Park, The Office, and Frank TV. They explained:
So, after a few conversations with various other bloggers and like 28 minutes of low-grade soul searching, the editors of this site have decided to reveal our identities.

The reasons for this are:

1. We figured whoever reads this site has a right to know who's writing it.
2. The people we make fun of have a right to face their accusers.
3. We don't want anyone to be able to write off what we say as the un-credited ramblings of people too afraid to stand behind them. (The ramblings.)
4. We figured no one cares that much one way or the other, so why not?

I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone who's been reading their site that they also happen to write comedy for a living.