Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HT on pricey middle relief

You know it's winter when Hardball Times is publishing an ongoing series of the ten best games one, two, three, and as of today, four in World Series history. To be fair, their articles largely continue to impress even though a pitch hasn't been thrown in over a month with two months before spring training. For instance, Why do teams keep overpaying for generic middle relievers? (Dec. 6):
Other teams are content to blow money on relievers of little distinction, so why shouldn't we? When something becomes standard practice, the question of how it came to be that way becomes more difficult to answer. Worse, it becomes more difficult to ask.
In addition, they add:
When interested parties (media, fans, whomever) ask management and ownership, "What are you doing to improve the bullpen," a response of, "We're spending money" still carries more weight in some circles than, "We're evaluating the situation with the intent of implementing the most cost-effective plan possible."