Tuesday, December 04, 2007

American absinthe returns

As a native to the area, this from the SF Chronicle is pretty interesting:
Last week, St. George Spirits of Alameda received the news that, after seven applications, the federal agency had approved its label, the final obstacle before going to market. On Monday, the small artisan distillery sold its token first bottle, becoming the only American company since 1912 to sell absinthe in the United States.
The bottles will go for about $75 a piece. The New York Times also published a story today about St George Spirits' absinthe operation:
Mr. Winters had never tasted absinthe when he started making his own. Nor did he hope to sell it. He was just playing. “You know, give a boy a still,” he said. He worked from a recipe in a back issue of Scientific American, then adjusted the formula. “It was just a manic obsession with the ingredients that drove me to tweak the formula.”
St. George Spirits, makers of other spirits in addition to absinthe, offers tours at their quirky location on Alameda's decomissioned Naval Air Station.