Monday, October 01, 2007

To swive or not to swive

I heard Steven Pinker interviewed on Michael Krasny's Forum last week and they discussed the English language's lack of a socially acceptable transitive verb for sex. That is, there's no polite way to say I [transitive verb for sex]-ed Mary or Joe. You can say, I made love with Mary, or had sex with Mary, but all the transitive verbs are jarring and imply a degree of exploitation even if there was none to speak of.  At one point, however, Krasny suggested he and Pinker re-introduce the word swive as a non-offensive transitive verb for sex. 


Nick said...
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Nick said...

Nice try, Krasny. Not so easy as that. Making up your own term for sex - or even bringing a dated word back - is totally sleazy. When you use it, and people ask you what it means, and you tell them it means "to copulate", you are a sleaze, plain and simple.

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