Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Colbert and O'Reilly, and defense contractors

I've been to several bookstores in the past week and noticed Stephen Colbert's new book shelved right next to O'Reilly's, and the juxtaposition makes it sound like Colbert wrote the titles of both books even though the latter is, you know, ostensibly serious. Colbert's and O'Reilly's books are titled, respectively: I Am America (And So Can You), and Kids Are Americans Too. 
I thought O'Reilly and Colbert might have had different imprints at the same publisher and an accordingly clever marketing campaign, but alas, they're published by different conglomerates. Incidentally, Colbert's imprint, Grand Central Publishing, was until recently known blandly as Warner Books. TimeWarner sold the division to Lagadere, a French company with a large stake in the European defense contrator EADS, manufacturers of fighter jets, missiles, etc. Strange world: the company profits from Colbert's absurd book, and weapons, such as this short range missile. At least shareholders know their revenue streams are diversified (then again Colbert's star has risen with expanding defense budgets so maybe there's a grand strategy at work here).


Ben said...

I wonder where that photo of the short-range missile was taken. It looks like it´s from a weapons fair of some sort or another (as I imagine it, a weapons fair is like a boat show, only in winter).

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