Friday, September 14, 2007

Interesting people

Chuck Feeney, a founder of Duty Free Shoppers, sounds like an interesting guy:
Until he was outed 10 years ago, New Jersey-born Chuck Feeney was the world's most profligate secret Samaritan. He remains, at 76, the most unusual. Eschewing all traces of luxe, the man who compiled what would today be worth $4 billion buys his suits off the rack, uses a plastic bag for a briefcase, sports drugstore spectacles, wears a $15 plastic watch, and flies coach. He owns no house and no car. He wonders aloud about the need for more than one pair of shoes. When he's in New York, he likes to dine on chicken pot pies at grubby midtown dives.
Hat tip: PA.


Ben said...

Interesting, but somehow I suspect that he's not happy. Which is the undercurrent of his position: you don't need ridiculous amounts of money to be happy. But I wonder whether in his case the lack of money has, in fact, made him happy.

Anyway, happiness is overrated as a goal, and I'm not sure what I mean when I employ the term, so I'll move on.

This article in the NYTimes seems relevant as a case of someone who had absolutely no idea what to do with her money:

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