Thursday, July 05, 2007


The Smithsonian has a great collection of oral histories online. They're not as refined as, say, the Paris Review interviews, but they're worth a look if you're curious about American lives... Did you know that J.S. Bach has a myspace page?... Jacob Jackson at Hardball Times lays out the case for Paul DePodesta as best unemployed GM in baseball. DePodesta, you might remember, played a minor role in Moneyball as Billy Beane's sidekick, and later ran the Dodgers for a couple years before their owner panicked at the thought of having a "nerd" at the helm and fired him. Despite his extensive front office experience, he's also only 34... Dan Baum's very good New Orleans blog hosted by the New Yorker is closing down. In his final post, he writes this gem: "Right before Katrina, a Gallup poll found more than half of New Orleanians “extremely satisfied” with their lives, despite the city’s wretched state, a higher percentage than in any other city surveyed. New Orleanians have more time than money, and they like it that way." Baum and his wife Margaret are writing a book about the city and moving back to the well-off and well-governed city of Boulder.... When are the A's going to play up to their pythagorean expectation? Yankees fans might ask the same question.... In 1920, Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand made a short film called Manhatta, which you can view here... Don't forget, people, it's berry season and deals abound... The military is shredding its F-14s: "A mechanical monster grabs the F-14 fighter jet and chews through one wing and then another, ripping off the Tomcat's appendages before moving onto its guts."