Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SF's One Rincon

Years in the making, San Francisco's new condo tower, One Rincon, is well under way and sticks out in a neighborhood of mid-rises near the Bay Bridge. It's only the first of four planned towers for Rincon Hill, so it will look more inconspicuous within a few years. When my brother told me about the building's progress, I expected it to look like the Citigroup building in Queens, but given the skyline's future growth it does stand out, but also appears to be anchoring the city's southern boundary of high-rises. I imagine it dominates from the street level, but from most distant angles it appears consistent with the city's scale. John King of the SF Chronicle wrote last August, "All this can be traumatic for those of us who carry settled pictures of the city in our heads... [But] Rincon Hill is just a new piece of the puzzle, shaped to the changing nature of urban life..."


Rob said...

I don't know what today's consensus is, but the Queens building is usually referred to as the Citibank building. The Citigroup building is on 57th St in Manhattan.

The City has been pushing for the Long Is. City neighborhood to be built up for a while. Several new office buildings just went up, including one with a 14-story blank concrete facade facing Long Island. Numerous condo towers and warehouse conversions are also in the works.

David Archer said...

I don't think there is consensus, and I've seen it called both, but it makes some sense to call the building by its original name even if the company's name has changed.

somebody said...