Friday, June 08, 2007

The curious incident of Pickleshane and Gapingvoid

On April 30, Hugh Macleod, cartoonist, marketer, and proprietor of the blog Gapingvoid, questioned if his unique style of cartooning was being plagiarized by the author of a blog called Pickleshane. Some of Macleod's readers thought he should sue the bastard, so to speak, but Macleod only questioned the author's failure to attribute, and ultimately appeared unbothered about the resemblances, writing, "I'm just guessing some kid came across my work randomly one day, thought it looked like fun, and decided to have a go himself. I did the same with my favorite cartoonists, when I was young. Whatever."
Shortly after Macleod's post, a response to another blogger's initial reaction to the similiarities, several people commented on the apparent plagiarism directly on Pickleshane's blog on his profile/about page. A few days later in early May, Pickleshane updated his blog with a post saying he'd be traveling for the month with limited access to the internet and his site. May passed, and Pickleshane presumably completed his travels, so I decided to check back in and see if he'd responded. He hadn't. Sometime in the last couple weeks, the blog was deleted. All I found at the URL was this white page with the following Wordpress note: "The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available."
If Macleod wasn't exercised about the incident in the first place, I don't know why he would be now, but it is a curious, if not unlikely, end to an odd incident.
Pickleshane continues to maintain a flickr page, where you can still find some of the cartoons that strongly resemble the style and content that Macleod created.
The author of Pickleshane didn't respond to requests for comment regarding the accusations of plagiarism and the deletion of the blog.


Anonymous said...

The flikr stream has also been deleted now...

Anonymous said...

That's because Hugh himself is a big copycat.

Look at Keith Haring's piece here - familiar?

somebody said...


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